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Alkaline Hydrolysis


About Alkaline Hydrolysis (flameless cremation):

  • Amigo’s Angels Pet Cremation Services use Alkaline Hydrolysis for their crematory. Each body is immersed in a heated bath of gently circulating water. The water is brought to an alkaline pH that accelerates and mimics Mother Nature’s natural decomposition process. Over a period of several hours the tissue is gently dissolved leaving bony residue which is rinsed, dried and respectfully processed to be returned to you if you choose.
  • The process is considered Eco-friendly because it uses far less natural gas and electricity and there are no harmful carbon emissions. The fluid discharge that remains (effluent) can be used as fertilizer.
  • Our alkaline hydrolysis unit (Bio-Solutions Pet 400) and our strict handling procedures ensure that the remains returned to you are only those that belonged to your loved one.
  • Alkaline Hydrolysis is also known as Water-based Cremation, Bio-Cremation, Green Cremation, Aquamation and Flameless Cremation