Garret Dupper

Hometown: Grand Junction

Pets: Horses, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks, ducks, fish, goats and a rabbit

Garret has been with the Amigo family since October of 2015. He enjoys being able to work with compassionate people who are always willing to answer any questions he has.

In his free time he participates in 4-H activities as well as collecting and showing model horses.

Sierra Hagerman

Sierra has been with the Amigo family since July 2015. She is a Grand Junction native. She enjoys working with animals most about her job. At home she takes care of 3 dogs. Sierra is attending CMU to get her pre-requisites so she can go on to become a Veterinarian. She enjoys spending time with friends and family when she isn’t working or studying.

Rob Wolak

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Pets: At home he has a rescue dog named Batman

Rob joined the Amigo Family August of 2016. He enjoys helping people’s best friends the most about his job.

In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, cars and truck stuff.

Jennifer Martinez

Hometown: Craig, Colorado

Pets: Jack a black lab/greyhound mix

Jennifer joined the Amigo family December of 2015. Jennifer enjoys having the opportunity to work with people and animals.

She spends her free time with her son, taking him to sports and hiking with him.

Ashley Messick

Hometown: Yuma, Arizona

Pets: At home her 2 rescue cats are her world

Ashley joined the Amigo Family in August of 2017. She loves being able to help people’s pets feel better most about her job.

In her free time she takes care her daughter Evelynn. She also goes hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, rides horses or does anything outside.