Spaying and Neutering – Why It Is Important

Spaying or neutering your furry family member might seem cruel at first, but it’s a necessary procedure. Right now, there is a pet homelessness crisis in the United States. Every year, shelters euthanize pets because there aren’t enough homes to take them. Spaying and neutering also have many health benefits and help ensure that your…

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Watch for Overheating – Hot Weather is Coming

The weather is warming up, and summer will officially arrive on June 20th. Families will be firing up the grills, going camping, or perhaps enjoying Country Jam. There are tons of activities to keep you and the family busy this time of year. With all these fun activities comes hot weather. While we may not think…

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Fleas & Ticks in Grand Junction

We all welcome the spring weather. Unfortunately, with spring, we also must deal with a host of pests. People often refer to the spring and summer as flea and tick seasons even though fleas and ticks are here year-round. But with the arrival of spring, we get outdoors more so we and our pets are…

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Amigo Animal Clinic Brings You Canine Fitness Month

We here at Amigo Animal Clinic want to see our patients live long and healthy lives. Our team of veterinarians, technicians and staff have the purpose to give your pet the best medical care we can. As the pet parent, you play an integral part in maintaining your dog’s fitness at home. For this reason,…

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Tips for New Pet Adopters

Have you or someone you know recently adopted a pet? Pet adoptions have been on the rise over the last year. This is considered to have a great deal to do with the pandemic and people working from home. Some people want more companionship while they work from home. Some have adopted pets for their…

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National Pet Dental Health Month 2021

How do you score regarding your pet’s dental health? Surveys show that the majority of pet parents do not brush their pet’s teeth. One study in 2020 revealed that about 70% of pet parents don’t brush their dog’s teeth. And a survey in 2016 of cat parents, 73% said they never brush their cat’s teeth…

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New Years’ Resolutions for Pet Owners

Have you made your New Years’ resolutions yet? At this time of year, we typically reflect on the past and make resolutions to do better in the new year. It is like we’re starting the year with a clean slate. Typically we think of things like our health, family, finances, breaking bad habits, etc. It…

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Watch for These Holiday Hazards for Pets

You have just got your Christmas tree and are ready to decorate it. And, you want to liven up your home with decorations as well. Or, maybe you are already planning your holiday meals. Great! Not to spoil the fun, but you should be aware of the holiday hazards for pets. The top reason pets…

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6 Winter Safety Tips

Winter Temperatures Dropping With our clocks just set back, we are reminded that winter is on its way. The official day of winter is December 21st. But now is the time to prepare. So we’d like to share some safety tips to make sure your animals are safe and protected for the winter. Small pets,…

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7 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon! The Center for Disease Control has published its safety precautions along with suggested low-risk activities. Whether kids will be trick-or-treating or not in your area, there can still be lots of Halloween fun. Kids can still dress up in their costumes. And, there are other ways they can have their “trick-or-treat” fun such…

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