• Grace Kruckenberg

    Grace joined the Amigo Family in August of 2017. She enjoys meeting new people and seeing all the animals most about her job.

  • Shelby Stanton

    Shelby joined the Amigo Family in September of 2017. She loves meeting all the animals most about her job.

  • Megan Alferos

    Megan joined the Amigo family June of 2017. She enjoys creating an inviting and caring place for our clients and pets most about her job.

  • Alex Coxey

    Alex joined the Amigo family in December of 2016. She enjoys working closely with animals and tending to client’s needs most about her job.

  • Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer joined the Amigo family December of 2015. Jennifer enjoys having the opportunity to work with people and animals.

  • Trenidy Padilla

    Trenidy has been with Amigo since August 2015. She is originally from Salida, Colorado. She moved to Grand Junction in 2012 to go to CMU. Trenidy enjoys meeting all of…