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Experience compassionate care and support during challenging times at Amigo Animal Clinic. Beyond offering pet cremation services, we are dedicated to guiding families toward closure amidst the pain of losing a pet.

About the Process

Discover our innovative, eco-friendly approach to pet aftercare with alkaline aquamation. This gentle method ensures you receive only your beloved pet’s remains and yields more ashes than traditional fire-based processes, providing you with more of your pet’s precious memories. With a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks, you can begin the healing process sooner, knowing your pet will be returned to you promptly.

Memorable Keepsakes

We understand the importance of preserving precious memories of your beloved pet. That’s why we offer a range of keepsake options to honor their unique spirit.

With every private cremation, you’ll receive a house tin urn (upgradeable to a house wood urn for an additional fee), a death certificate, and a clay pawprint, serving as enduring mementos of your cherished companion. Additionally, we offer Clay Paw Prints, Ink Pawprints, Ink Nose prints, locks of hair, and can accommodate most special requests outside of these items to ensure you have meaningful keepsakes to cherish. If opting for a communal cremation, you are welcome to purchase any of these items separately.

For those seeking a more personalized tribute, we collaborate with Pet Praise Products to offer specialized urns. These custom creations can be tailored to reflect your pet’s unique personality and journey. While processing and shipping typically take 2-3 weeks, you have the flexibility to choose when to receive the urn: either alongside your pet’s return, at a later date, or through a separate visit for transfer. Visit our clinic to view samples and consult our price book to find the perfect tribute that honors your beloved companion’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Cremation

Yes, we do offer euthanasia services by appointment only at our hospital. When the time comes to say goodbye, we are here for you. We have dedicated comfort rooms to provide a peaceful place for these moments. You can learn more about this service here.
The length of cremations varies slightly from animal to animal but typically takes 1 – 2 weeks.
We provide private cremation for small animals, pocket pets, and exotics. Additionally, our alkaline aquamation-based tub ensures an eco-friendly process and guarantees that you will receive your pet and your pet only.
We are happy to accept walk-ins for cremation services. Whether death occurs naturally, accidentally, or by euthanasia, we can help.
No, however, we do recommend contacting our clinic beforehand to ensure our team is fully prepared to honor your patient upon arrival.

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