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Providing Compassionate Care to Our Furry Friends in Grand Junction, CO

Amigo Animal Clinic is a family-owned and operated veterinary clinic that opened in 1977 providing care for small and large animals. We offer treatments to a wide range of animals including cats, dogs, horses and farm animals like alpacas, llamas, cattle and rabbits. Experience the patience and care of the largest veterinary staff in Grand Junction. We have over 30 employees who have dedicated their lives to bringing your pet the best treatments, procedures and surgeries possible

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We have the largest veterinary staff in Grand Junction, which consists of over 30 members!

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Offering check-ups, preventative care, treatments & surgeries to meet all of your pet’s needs.

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We are here to provide the highest level of pet care to your four-legged family member.

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In addition to the highest level of care we provide to your pet, our fully digital facility offers the most advanced technology for the best results. Our first building contains seven exam rooms, a spacious small animal surgery suite, and two dental tables with digital dental x-rays. Our second building houses our equine treatment and surgery facility and our water-based, eco-friendly crematorium and comfort rooms for euthanasias and end of life care. At Amigo Animal Clinic, your pets are more than just our patients, they are our Best Furry Friends.

For more information about Amigo Animal Clinic and the care we provide to animals within Grand Junction, contact us by calling us at 970-245-0210

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