The Trusted Care to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Amigo Animal Clinic was opened to bring the highest level of care possible to the animals of Grand Junction, CO. We treat small, large and animals in between with a variety of services to ensure they live a long and happy life. In addition to our expert procedures and treatments, our newly expanded modern facility houses seven spacious exam rooms, separated kennels for cats and dogs and more amenities to accommodate our diverse four-legged patients.

General Surgery

Our practice caters to a number of surgical procedures for the small and large animals in your life. At Amigo Animal Clinic, your pet’s well-being is our number-one priority so we take the necessary measures for the best outcome. Our trusted team of veterinarians and staff always takes the time to perform a physical exam before any work is done. Then, we closely monitor your pet before and after surgery. Our surgery and recovery suites are modern, spacious and comfortable to make sure your pet is safe before, during and after their procedure.

Spaying & Neutering

Amigo Animal Clinic performs routine and common surgeries like spaying and neutering, which prevents your pet from reproducing and simultaneously increases their quality of life. We participate in several low income and reduced priced spay and neuter programs to help the community.

General and Orthopedic Surgery

We offer general surgical procedures ranging from lump removals, to intestinal surgery to fixing broken bones and repairing damaged knee joints.


Cryosurgery uses extremely cold temperature to remove growths that have formed on your pet’s skin.


There are many parts of the body in addition to the brain that can be treated with neurosurgery. Nerve diseases, seizures, sleep, muscle and spinal cord disorders can also be eliminated or reduced with neurosurgery. Amigo Animal Clinic has a board-certified Neurologist on staff with MRI capabilities accessible in Grand Junction.


We have a state of the art lab in our clinic. We are able to provide same day results for blood work, x-rays, electrocardiograms, endoscopies, and ultrasounds.

Small Animal Dentistry with Digital Radiography

Dental disease is the number one problem in dogs and cats. With each exam your pet will receive a comprehensive oral exam and you will receive qualified treatment advice on how best to keep their mouth healthy and pain free well into their golden years. Our professional teeth cleaning performed under general anesthesia include full mouth x-rays, complete cleaning and polishing, and a full oral exam. Appropriate treatments are performed only after we have your approval.

Laser Therapy

Our Companion Laser therapy applies amplified light to alleviate pain and inflammation your pet may be experiencing.


Who better to respectfully care for your loved one at the end of their journey than those that cared for them during life? Our advanced, eco-friendly, water-based crematorium technology is our kindest way to care for your loved one after they have passed.

Humane Euthanasia

When the time comes to say goodbye, we are here for you. We have dedicated comfort rooms to provide a peaceful place for these moments.


We provide a full range of equine services including but not limited to: Vaccines, floats, lameness exams, digital mobile x-ray, ultrasound, surgery and reproductive services. We have 2 farm call trucks so we can come to you when needed. Our facility contains an in-clinic induction and recovery suite, surgery table and three indoor/outdoor stalls.

Farm Animal Services

Our practice provides a wide range of services for horses, llamas, alpacas, cows, goats, pigs and sheep. Our surgery and recovery suites are modern, spacious and comfortable to make sure your pet is safe before, during and after their procedure.

Amigo Animal Clinic is proud to offer at-home services when your pet is incapable of coming into our clinic. For further information regarding any of our procedures and treatments, contact us by calling 970-245-0210!

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