Pet Wellness Checks

Pet wellness checks are a simple but important part of keeping your animal healthy.

A wellness check is an in-person physical examination of your pet by a veterinarian. This gives your veterinarian a chance to look for any health problems that might need to be addressed.

What to Expect from a Wellness Check

During the examination, your veterinarian will check your pet thoroughly. They will take note of any abnormalities, signs, or symptoms of illness.

We will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chest, stomach, skin, and paws. Our doctors also check the pulse, heart rate, rhythm, weight, and body condition of your pet.

We tailor our wellness exams to the specific needs of your pet during their different stages of life. We will provide your pet with the preventive care needed to promote their optimal health with each program. As a part of your pet’s preventive health care, we recommend the following schedule for checkups:

  • Puppies and kittens: At 6-8 weeks of age and every four weeks until the pet is over 18 weeks old
  • Adult dogs and cats: Once yearly
  • Older dogs and cats: Twice yearly


Wellness checks are also a great time to check that your pet is up to date on all its needed vaccinations. We offer a variety of vaccines for your pets to prevent potentially life-threatening diseases. When you bring in your pet for a checkup, we can go over their exact vaccination schedule and answer any questions you might have.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm disease is another important reason for an annual wellness check. This disease can be fatal if it is not detected and handled. According to the FDA, yearly testing for heartworms is recommended, and sometimes even more frequently.

Senior Pets

Wellness checks are even more important for your pet if they are a senior animal, meaning over the age of 7.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that an older pet is much more prone to health problems. Things like cancer, trouble walking around, and heart disease increase in likelihood the older they get.

Because of this, we recommend that you bring them in for wellness checks at least every 6 months.

Just because your pet is older, does not mean that they cannot still be perfectly healthy. We just need to take extra precautions to maintain their health and deal with any issues as rapidly as possible.

What are Wellness Plans?

We offer Wellness Plans at Amigo Animal Clinic. They cover the preventative care your pet needs at a discounted rate. We have puppy/kitten plans, adult plans, and senior plans. For more information contact our team.


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