Should I Get Lab Tests for My Pet?

There will likely be some point in your pet’s life that your vet will want to do lab tests. This is especially true as pets age into their senior years. But even younger pets can develop problems that require lab tests for us to find the cause. Therefore, we want you to know why we…

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We have found that some pet owners do not know that pets can get diabetes just like their owners can. Unfortunately, they can and more and more pets are getting diabetes. According to recent statistics, 1 in 500 dogs and 1 in 200 cats will get diabetes. While any pet can develop diabetes, some breeds…

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

There is so much fun to be had in the summer. The hot weather allows us to be outdoors and involved in so many different activities. So, whether you’re getting out your camping gear, planning a BBQ, or anticipating the 4th of July fireworks, we’d like to offer some tips to keep your pets safe this…

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A pest simply refers to a destructive insect or another animal that attacks crops, food, and pets, etc. It comes from Latin pestis meaning “plague”. In our May blog we covered the dangers of mosquitos and heartworm disease in pets. There are other pests you can find at any time of year. But many pests seem to be more…

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With the warmer weather we start to see more mosquitos. Mosquitos have a history of carrying diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and a host of other diseases. But they also carry diseases that can be severe to animals. Therefore, it is vital pet parents are aware of the damage and disease they can…

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As we keep watch on news about COVID-19 some may wonder how this virus affects their pets. Firstly, realize there can be all sorts of random news on the internet. Therefore, we recommend following news from the WHO and the CDC so you get the facts. Also, the AVMA is in regular contact with these…

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Get Ready for Spring!

While it may be hard to imagine spring is just around the corner, March 19th marks the first day of spring. So don’t be surprised if you start getting that spring feeling and the urge to start planning your spring garden, or if you don’t fancy gardening you might like to simply add some plants to…

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The Dangers of Grain Free Diets

Feeding fad diets In recent years, there has been a marketing push for boutique-type diets. There are diets like: grain-free, limited ingredient, exotic proteins, legume-based foods (peas, lentils), etc. Veterinarians refer to these as BEG diets (boutique, exotic protein, grain-free). On one hand specialized diets can often help treat specific conditions. However, they can be…

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Is your pet’s breath unpleasant? Both cats and dogs will normally have some breath odor that you will smell when you are close to your pet. For example, it may smell like the food they have eaten. However, while it will be noticeable it should not be horrible, especially if you are some feet away…

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Inappropriate Spraying or Litter Box Problems?

Cat urine is, unfortunately, one of the strongest smells of pets. So when a cat starts peeing or spraying in the house, it can understandably be quite distressing for the owner. The number one concern of cat owners is inappropriate elimination. Litter box issues are the single biggest reason cats wind up dropped off at…

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